Monthly Archives: March 2014

It’s Going To Be a Long Summer

The running app I’ve downloaded, and plan to start using, says I can be running for thirty minutes at a time by the middle of May. Considering my injury prone failures to this point, I’m skeptical.

I plan on supplementing my three running days a week with bike rides. It’s not like I have anything else to do.

Episode 12: Shadowboxes: A Short Story by Laura Hawley

Today, we’re trying sometime a bit different. It’s story time! Host Jason Quinn Malott reads a short story called Shadowboxes, which was written by Laura Hawley. Laura earned her MFA in creative writing from Naropa University and was picked by Joyce Carol Oates as the capper story for the 2003 anthology of Best New American Voices. Then, she quietly disappeared. After the story, Jason talks with Laura about what she’s doing now, and her plans for turning out more stories.

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