The Year in Writing 2017

Thought I’d share my podcast co-host’s accomplishment post. You didn’t know he was this cool, did you?

McClurg's Marginalia

Though in different ways, this year was as tough as last year. Maybe that’s just what it is.

I wrote seven installments of Test Prep, my contribution to The Terror Test, a horror podcast made by two fellow English teachers. I wasn’t able to write as many as I wanted to, but I’m proud of the work I do for the show and it indulges my interests in both philosophy and horror. I’m working on my first column for next year and it’s about one of my favorite movies, The Brood (1979).

In March, Jasper Lee’s Mirror of Wind LP was released. I played bass on “Asleep a Hundred Years,” which is the last recording and live music I’ve done. Jasper is a fabulous visual artist and musician.

I can’t ever get away from music, even though I feel like I try to every few years. Now…

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