Problematic Badass Female Tropes EP 6: One of The Guys

A seven part series on the way a lot of seemingly badass women in our stories are undermined and not as badass as they seem. 


The Outrider podcast is hosted by me, Jason Quinn Malott. I have a BA in English and an MFA in Writing and Poetics. My first novel, The Evolution of Shadows, was published in 2009, and I began hosting the Outrider Podcast in 2013.


My co-host for this miniseries is Jenn Zuko. 


Jenn is adjunct faculty at DU, MSU Denver, and Regis University. She teaches courses in writing; literature; visual, performing, and martial arts; body language; and stage combat. She is the author of Stage Combat: Fisticuffs, Stunts, and Swordplay for Theatre and Film, and “I Do My Own Stunts.” She can be seen performing on stage and in classrooms in the Boulder/Denver area, and online at Daily Cross-Swords and Writers’ HQ.


The music in the intro and outro is from the songs Choose an Adventure, and Break and Mend by Wichita based band, Cartwheel, off their new EP Best Days, and are used by permission of the copyright holder, Kristyn Chapman. You can get Cartwheel’s EP on Apple Music and Spotify. Visit them at 

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