Outrider Live: Words and Music No. 4: The Cookout Show with Cathy Dryden and John Jenkinson


The Cookout Show was recorded live on August 17, 2019 in the backyard at my mother’s house because, well, I live in an apartment. 


Catherine Dryden earned her MFA in fiction at Wichita State University.  Her short stories have been published in various literary journals, including American Literary Review, So to Speak, Sulphur River Review, Alligator Juniper, and Pocket Rocket.  Several of her stories have been nominated for Pushcart prizes and she was awarded Alligator Juniper’s national prize for creative non-fiction.  After a longish hiatus from writing in order to quit smoking and gain weight, she’s resumed writing with a focus on travel writing and creative non-fiction.  She’s married to John Jenkinson.



John Jenkinson earned his MFA at Wichita State University and his PhD at the University of North Texas. A past winner of an AWP Discovery Award, a Balticon Science-Fiction Poetry Award, John served as Poetry Fellow at the Milton Center and now teaches creative writing and literature at Butler Community College.  His poems have appeared in The Georgia Review, Green Mountain Review, Passages North, Quarterly West, Rattle, 32 Poems, Visions, and three chapbooks.  His full-length book Rebekah Orders Lasagna was published by Woodley Press at Washburn University.  He’s currently reinvented himself as a singer song writer and guitar player specializing in songs for academics (his songs are featured in his daughter’s thesis and his son’s dissertation), children (especially his grandchildren) and lovers. He’s married to Catherine Dryden.


Many thanks to everyone who attended and brought food. Special thanks to Ray and Lauren Clause for the use of an amplifier for the show, and as always, big thanks to Heather Anne Eden. 


The live shows are on a temporary hiatus until late November or early December as we begin the recording process for our next series on Problematic Tropes with my friend Jenn Zuko. The Problematic Toxic Masculinity Tropes shows will be out sometime in late November or early December. 


You rock. Thanks for listening. 

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