Practical Rules for Writing (Re: Franzen)

A friend of mine, despite my gentle attempts to steer her in a direction not fraught with poverty and disappointment, has decided she wants to be a writer of fiction. About the time she made this decision, Jonathan Franzen published his piece on rules for writers. An odd collection of fancifully stated obviousness (the reader … Continue reading Practical Rules for Writing (Re: Franzen)

Bad Business Episode 3 Will Drop Next Week & A Warning

Episode 3 of Bad Business will drop next week. We’ll be discussing Charles Willeford’s novel The Woman Chaser and Megan Abbott’s Die A Little. WARNING: Despite Heather’s valiant efforts, the audio is still a bit rough, but it’s better than what I recorded. So, put all the blame on me for not being able to … Continue reading Bad Business Episode 3 Will Drop Next Week & A Warning

Have You Listened Lately?

                         There are two great episodes of the Outrider Podcast available now.         First is Outrider Live: Words and Music. It’s my first attempt at hosting a live event. It features me reading some poetry and a section from a novel-in-progress. My reading is accompanied by local Wichita band The Ezras. Here’s a link.         Second is … Continue reading Have You Listened Lately?