Catch-22: Why I Need An Agent.

        Recently, I spent a Saturday afternoon with my ex-girlfriend, Rebekah. We talked about a lot of things, but mostly we talked about books. I’m a writer, she’s a bookseller. We met while working together at Watermark Books a few years before I sold The Evolution of Shadows. She helped me with the final revisions by … Continue reading Catch-22: Why I Need An Agent.

The Outrider Podcast Episode 23: Taylor Mali

Today’s guest is Taylor Mali. We talk about long held family businesses, the purpose of language, how one ends up in Kansas, poetry slams, and jumping at the chance to be a full time poet. Taylor is a four-time National Poetry Slam champion, the author of What Teachers Make: In Praise of the Greatest Job … Continue reading The Outrider Podcast Episode 23: Taylor Mali

Why I Will Never Self-Publish

        Self-publishing is stalking me.         I sold my first novel to Unbridled Books without an agent and then, at my book release party at Watermark Books, during the Q&A section, someone asked me why I had self-published. I was crushed. I’d spent two years writing and rewriting the book, another six years trying to find an … Continue reading Why I Will Never Self-Publish