Practical Rules for Writing (Re: Franzen)

A friend of mine, despite my gentle attempts to steer her in a direction not fraught with poverty and disappointment, has decided she wants to be a writer of fiction. About the time she made this decision, Jonathan Franzen published his piece on rules for writers. An odd collection of fancifully stated obviousness (the reader … Continue reading Practical Rules for Writing (Re: Franzen)

The Outrider Podcast: Genre Wars with Jenn Zukowski

Back in February, Kazuo Ishiguro made a comment in an NY Times article about him and his new novel The Sleeping Giant, that made Ursula K. Le Guin upset enough to write an article defending the fantasy genre and reviewing Ishiguro’s book . . . unfavorably. I had read the Electric Literature article and shrugged. … Continue reading The Outrider Podcast: Genre Wars with Jenn Zukowski

Shoptalk #2 with Laura Hawley

This is the second installment of the Shoptalk series with Laura Hawley. We talk about her struggle with Lydia Davis, the travails of finding and keeping an agent, losing our way, and the further disintegration of my current project into disarray . . . But we still had a good time. The Outrider Podcast is … Continue reading Shoptalk #2 with Laura Hawley

Why I Will Never Self-Publish

        Self-publishing is stalking me.         I sold my first novel to Unbridled Books without an agent and then, at my book release party at Watermark Books, during the Q&A section, someone asked me why I had self-published. I was crushed. I’d spent two years writing and rewriting the book, another six years trying to find an … Continue reading Why I Will Never Self-Publish

The Outrider Podcast: Episode 8: Colin Dickey

In this episode, I talk with Colin Dickey about writing quaintly transgressive fiction, the dilemma of the literary critic in the modern, make-nice world, his trip to the arctic, and giving up on famous writers’ books. Colin is the author of two delightful, and quirky books (neither of which I gave up on), Cranioklepty: Grave … Continue reading The Outrider Podcast: Episode 8: Colin Dickey