Problematic Toxic Masculinity Trope #4: NERD!

Problematic Toxic Masculinity Trope #4: NERD!! by Jenn Zuko …………... Pop Culture Detective has done a stellar duo of videos analyzing hit TV show The Big Bang Theory in the face of a few different forms of toxic masculinity. The first is a takedown of what he calls “Adorkable Misogyny,” which is a huge part … Continue reading Problematic Toxic Masculinity Trope #4: NERD!

Practical Rules for Writing (Re: Franzen)

A friend of mine, despite my gentle attempts to steer her in a direction not fraught with poverty and disappointment, has decided she wants to be a writer of fiction. About the time she made this decision, Jonathan Franzen published his piece on rules for writers. An odd collection of fancifully stated obviousness (the reader … Continue reading Practical Rules for Writing (Re: Franzen)

The Outrider Podcast: The Laboratory #4 w Stephen McClurg

In this laboratory we have a guest sitting in, Eric Jenkins, erstwhile compatriot for our mostly dormant Eunioa Solstice endeavor. Eric helps us figure out which of the two exercises Stephen completed gets read, and it’s a winner called “Write Club” and that leads to me laughing like a maniac and later a lively discussion … Continue reading The Outrider Podcast: The Laboratory #4 w Stephen McClurg

The Laboratory #2 with Stephen McClurg

In this episode, Stephen McClurg and I discuss the different ways we approached last month’s exercise rules, and then share our results. This month’s exercise is derived from a method used by Ben Nyberg in his book One Great Way to Write Short Stories. It’s been out of print for quite a while, but you … Continue reading The Laboratory #2 with Stephen McClurg

The Laboratory #1 with Stephen McClurg

Trying something new in this episode. The Laboratory will appear on the first Monday of every month. In each episode, my co-host and I will discuss experimentation in literature (as well as many other things) and - this will be the laboratory part - we’ll assign ourselves a writing exercise each month. This month, it’s … Continue reading The Laboratory #1 with Stephen McClurg

Why I Will Never Self-Publish

        Self-publishing is stalking me.         I sold my first novel to Unbridled Books without an agent and then, at my book release party at Watermark Books, during the Q&A section, someone asked me why I had self-published. I was crushed. I’d spent two years writing and rewriting the book, another six years trying to find an … Continue reading Why I Will Never Self-Publish